Our Mission

OPCA exists to equip, unite and activate pregnancy centers to serve in Oregon communities by working together to make sure each individual organization is operating at the highest standards.

About Us / The Difference We Make

Oregon Pregnancy Center Association emerged in 2007 to protect and promote the common mission of Oregon life-affirming Pregnancy Centers. We join together by our commitment to integrity and unity as we serve women, men & babies facing an unplanned pregnancy. We cultivate cooperation, collaboration and communication between our member centers and clinics.

We are united by each member’s faithfulness to our common Commitment to Conviction and Care in our centers and clinics for those we serve.

OPCA is a voluntary association of members, governed by a Board, and administered by a part-time executive director. Our activities, including our annual Summit, are supported by voluntary donations from our member centers and clinics.

Together we serve in a state whose culture has promoted policies and practices that promote a risk to women, men, and pre-born children facing unsupported pregnancy. We have developed partnerships with kindred agencies and ministries who offer counsel, resources, and support to our centers, clinics, and those we serve in our communities.

The OPCA Story

Until 2007 the Oregon Pregnancy Help organizations (PHO– a.k.a. PRCs, PMCs, etc.) exercised minimal communication, coordination or cooperation with each other. We intentionally served our communities by staying “under the radar” from public policy attacks from the abortion industry.

In 2007, PHOs in Oregon were added to Planned Parenthood’s strategic targeting to regulate and then eliminate our freedom to serve our communities, by using the legislative process. With that first legislative attack, protecting our mission from harmful public policy became part of our stewardship.

With the assistance of Care Net, Oregon Right to Life, Heartbeat, and NIFLA, we scrambled to connect with all PHOs in the state (42 at that time), and to unite and mobilize all of us so we could protect and promote our common mission within our communities in Oregon.

By God’s grace, we began to overcome our ignorance and isolation from one another, and some of the conflicts between centers, for the purpose of learning how to love and trust each other enough to continue to carry out our common mission in the face of a public policy threat.

We did this by dividing the state into four regions and recruited a “region coordinator/director ” from a center in each region. Each of us focused on building trust with the leaders of each of the PHOs within our region. We began to talk and work together.

The Portland PRCs (now called “First Image”) formed a “Public Policy Advisory Council,” (PPAC) which included the executive directors from Oregon Right to Life, and Oregon Family Council, as well as local a few Alliance Defense Fund attorneys to advise us about any public policy threats and formulating strategies in response to legislative and public policy initiatives that would threaten the mission of PHOs. This PPAC now serves as a resource council for OPCA members.

Early on, we discovered that in God’s providence, He uses these attacks to cause us to mature in learning to work together so we intentionally contribute to God’s larger mission in the state. We also realized these attacks intended for our harm have turned out as opportunities to educate our state and community public officials about the good that PHOs are doing. Many of the Oregon centers have been able to conduct tours of their ministries for their city and state public officials. The majority of the officials who actually see what we do warmly affirm the contribution we make to the community and the state.

In the three legislative bills attempted by Planned Parenthood against PHOs so far in our state (2007, 2011, and 2013), the support and counsel from our state and national agencies have become increasingly strategic.

OPCA held our first annual state-wide OPCA Summit in September 2014. OPCA’s general “protocol” for responding to legislative attacks: We first assess and form a strategy in response to a policy threat by engaging local and state resources (in our case, ORTL, OFC, and local ADF). These agencies can coach us on the particular people and strategies who we need to deal with in our state. We contact and connect with the state PRCs via conference calls. We welcome insight, input, from national agency allies, putting them “on alert.” We mobilize our constituencies in prayer and advocacy. We proceed as God gives wisdom throughout the process. In short, we maintain responsibility for our state, with first-line counsel from state and local counsel, while welcoming “second-line” input and suggestions from our national allies.

So far all legislative attempts against PHOs in Oregon have died in committee. Here are some of the actions God used to protect us.

A few additional insights we’ve gained include:

  • Cultivating solid relationships with the national agencies has been essential. We found each agency (Care Net, Heartbeat, NIFLA, ADF, AUL) respectful of the state coalition, and responsive to the direction we felt led to pursue.
  • We think that a stronger, unified, servant-hearted, well-led state association enables the national agencies to best respond to threats against the state PHOs.
  • We know the abortion industry uses these attempts to keep fine-tuning their political strategy to silence and eliminate all alternative voices in the battle for Life. Therefore, communication and coordination between the national agencies themselves, and between the national agencies and the state associations will strengthen our defenses against such strategies.

Governing Board

OPCA is directed by the Governing Board, formed from among members who have served at OPCA centers. The makeup of the Board is designed to represent the diversity of centers and communities that serve our common mission in Oregon. The OPCA By-laws describe the duties and standards of the Board.

The current OPCA Board Members:

Executive Director

Part-time Staff

The Executive Director is a part-time staff with OPCA.  The Executive Director is accountable to the Board and serves as an ex officio Board member. She or he cultivates unity, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among the OPCA members, oversees the Public Policy Advisory Council, builds bridges with kindred agencies, and represents OPCA to the public. He or she also represents OPCA with national agencies such as Care-Net, Heartbeat International, NIFLA, AUL, Charlotte Lozier Inst., and others.

Larry Gadbaugh

Larry Gadbaugh is the current OPCA Executive Director (since 7/2021). Larry is a co-founder of OPCA (in 2007), former CEO of First Image (2001-2022), and currently Executive Director of Guidelight (since 7/2022). He is available to assist OPCA members, in teamwork with OPCA Board members.

Public Policy Advisory Council (PPAC)


PPAC was formed by First Image to equip and protect our mission against public policy initiatives and trends that threaten our freedom and integrity in serving our community. The PPAC now serves the OPCA membership. WE meet 3-4 times a year. The PPAC is blessed to include representatives from allies from such kindred agencies such as ADF, OFC, ORTL, and others. The members are encouraged